World Journal Chinese Newspaper Article on our March 3 Lunar New Year Celebration

新州美華協會 三獅獻瑞
記者陳雯娟/新澤西州報導 2018年03月13日 06:00

OCA-NJ Chapter – “Three Auspicious Lions”
Staff Reporter 陳雯娟/Reporting In New Jersey March 3, 2018 06:00

~ All Rough Translation in English by OCA-NJ Board Member, Jenny Lee ~
March 16, 2018


“Three Auspicious Lions” Lively Jubilation. The New Year Celebration is filled with a festive atmosphere. (Staff Reporter/Photographer: 陳雯娟) 

Attendees born in Year of The Dog received Happy New Year gifts. (Staff Reporter/Photographer 陳雯娟)


協會致贈狗年首日封郵票給支持抽獎的與會人士,也贈送狗年出生人士可愛的狗填充玩具,祝大展鴻圖。會長余麗明感謝企業贊助者UPS、于氏工程公司(Yu Associates)等對該會的支持。協會持續發展亞裔青年人才,集結亞裔力量,贏得政治影響力。

OCA-New Jersey Chapter recently held their Lunar New Year Dinner Celebration in Parsippany (Noodle Wong Restaurant). Close to 200 attendees helped to “Welcome” the Lunar New Year together. (The Asian American Dragon Lion Dance Troupe) performed the “Three Auspicious Lions” Dance. The performers are comprised of 2nd generation Asian Americans. The playful lions (performers) displayed various movements & unique skills. Guests jockeyed for positions to “FEED” the Lions “RED ENVELOPES”.

“Year of the Dog” First Day Issue Stamped Envelopes were given to chapter’s members & supporters. Adorable “Year of the Dog” Stuffed Animals were also given out to attendees who were born in the “Year of the Dog”. Chapter’s president, Laura Lee 余麗明, thanked their Corporate Sponsors like UPS & YU & Associates (于氏工程公司) for their support to the chapter. OCA-NJ continues to advocate for talent & leadership development for Asian youths, unity of the Asian communities for more power/strength & win political influence.

Asian colleagues of UPS at the OCA-NJ Lunar New Year celebration. (Reporter/Photographer 陳雯娟)

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